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The Taiwan Excellence Awards were established by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 1993. Every year, eligible candidates are subjected to a rigorous and stringent selection system that covers four major aspects of "R&D", "Design", "Quality" and "Marketing" to identify outstanding products that offer "Innovative Value" while satisfying the key criterion of being "made in Taiwan". Products that have been selected for the Taiwan Excellence Awards would serve as examples of the domestic industries and be promoted by the government in the international market in an effort to shape the creative image for Taiwanese businesses.

The selection of winning entries of the Taiwan Excellence Awards comprises two phases, the first phase involves the on-spot evaluation and selection of winning entries for the Taiwan Excellence Awards and compilation of the "Taiwan Excellence Gold and Silver Quality Award Shortlist" by the panelists. The second phase will involve the participation of international panelists to jointly determine the winning entries for the "Taiwan Excellence Gold Quality Award" and "Taiwan Excellence Silver Quality Award" - the most prestigious award for exceptional products that will represent Taiwan. Today, the Taiwan Excellence Awards have had 26 iterations and the mark of Taiwan Excellence has become a common brand for Taiwanese products with innovative values, renowned in the international market for the excellence and quality that are associated with the mark.

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In order to encourage manufacturers in Taiwan to improve the quality, design and image of their products so as to boost their competitiveness in the international market, the Ministry of Economic Affairs established the "Taiwan Excellence" logo in 1992 and launched the selection of "Taiwan Excellence" products starting from 1993. Products that have been chosen in the selection process would not only receive the recognition as a Taiwan Excellence Product but also join the ranks of other outstanding Taiwanese products in various promotional events to cultivate the international market.

Brand Connotation

Brand Connotation

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Items of Selection



About Taiwan Excellence Esports Cup

Taiwan's Hunt for the Number One: The Taiwan Excellence Esports Cup 2019 Tournament qualifiers will be held from April to October and will set Malaysia's gold standard toward the global arena.

SUBANG JAYA, April 30, 2019 - Organized by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and Taiwan's Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA, the Taiwan Excellence Esports Cup (TEEC) 2019 was officially launched at the Pantheon, Malaysia's 1st Esports Centre, with an exciting Lan Party as its first qualifier. The TEEC tournament will draw Malaysian game lovers into a fierce battle from April to October this year.

The TEEC is supported by well-known Taiwanese brands such as Acer, Asus, MSI, ADATA, Gigabyte, InWin, TeamGroup, Thermaltake, Transcend and ZADAK serve to guarantee excellent gaming experience. Aiming to ignite a youthful passion, the TEEC serves as a platform for young Malaysian talent to prepare themselves for the global arena. The tournament marks Taiwan's dedication to showcasing the best of competitive Esports, while providing an international platform that reflects Malaysian trends and demands, as the nation begins its bid to win the first-ever Esports medal in the upcoming SEA Games 2019 in the Philippines.

Expecting at least 10,000 participants from all over the country this year, teams will be competing for a total grand prize worth RM113,000, and the winning team will receive a golden ticket to compete in Taiwan at the grand finale of TEEC 2019. 10 teams will qualify, of which four are Lan Parties and six are online battles. The grand finale will be held in Berjaya Times Square Mall, Oct 11-13. Participants will face each other in games such as Dota2, League of Legends, CS:GO, PES 2019, Super Smash Bros, Mobile Legends, and Tekken 7. They will compete under different categories including mobile, console and PC.

The event aims to strengthen bilateral relations between Malaysia and Taiwan. "We're proud to play an important role bringing together two nations that have limitless potential on the global stage of competitive gaming," said Anne Hung, Representative of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia. "We foresee that Esports will not only represent the spirit of youth today, but will also serve as a symbol of nations moving forward together in the pursuit of innovation and competition. We believe that pushing boundaries requires teamwork and the will to go beyond all limits."

In response, the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) has announced its endorsement of the tournament, as it recognizes a window of opportunity for today's youth, which brings out their best through a #HealthyGaming platform.

TAITRA and MOEA hopes that their initiatives enable new talent to emerge and thrive in the future. The tournament is open to the public for registration at:

About Taiwan Excellence
Taiwan Excellence is a governmental body that was founded in recognition of Taiwan's most innovative products, which provide tremendous value to users worldwide. Taiwan Excellence is the result of a partnership between the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA). To date, Taiwan Excellence has been the main driver for recognizing the nation's creations and is rewarded based on R&D, Design, Quality, and Marketing.