Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the accomodation and transportation included?
A: All the accomodation and transportation are self-bear. Organisers will only provide transportation for the CSGO game title Grand Final Champion to compete at Taiwan.

Q: Can I join more than 1 qualifier?
A: Yes, you may join maximum of 3 qualifiers. Champion teams who qualified to grand final are not allowed to join again.

Q: If I joined CSGO qualifiers for 3 times already, can I join Dota2 qualifiers on next qualifier?
A: Yes, you can join different game title qualifiers. However, the limit is also 3 times.

Q: Can I join mutiple game title on same qualifier?
A: No. You can only participate 1 game title in same qualifier.

Q: How do I know if my registration is confirmed?
A: Organisers will send confirmation on every Fridays. You may contact the GamePlan page if you did not receive the confirmation email. However, players have the responsibility to make sure the email they submit are correct.

Q: How long does the prizepool will be paid to players?
A: All the prizepool will be given to players within 90 working days after the respective qualifiers end. Players are required to provide valid bank accounts number and bank name.

Q: Can foreigners join this tournament?
A: Foreigners who study or work in Malaysia with proper documentation are ALLOWED to join this tournament. Participants from foreign country who are not able to provide proper documentation will be disqualified from the tournament.

Q: Where are I find the general rules and regulation?
A: General rules and regulations for participants can be found here: